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4 new MMORPGs we are waiting for in 2023

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If the developers stick to their plans, 2023 will bring new MMORPGs. For 2023, four pieces have been announced, and several more are possible. This is a list of 4 of the newest online games.

Mad World: Age of Darkness

Mad World is a dark MMORPG. However, the graphics style is striking and shows very strange characters that were, according to developers, all hand-drawn.

There are no classes. You can choose your skills from a complicated skill tree. You can switch between the 6 weapons at any time during a fight.

These fights are intense and require you to have special strategies to take on the most difficult opponents.

In this game which is being developed by Jandisoft, you will find a story to follow. You can form tribes and wage war against other tribes.

The best parts of Mad World are the dark graphics and the fact you can play it in your browser.

War of Dragnorox

War of Dragnorox is described as an “old school, sandbox MMORPG” with a strong focus on PvE. The World should have 30 areas and dangerous monsters. There should also be 19 raids. Developers are particularly concerned about creating good endgame content. They emphasize the importance of a dynamic game world.

Every day and every dungeon run should be different. This is due to the dungeon master, who is an integrated development team member. He can also activate quests, special events, and monsters.

The dungeon master should have an influence on the current raw materials. He can also open and close secret passages.

Additionally, holiday events and spontaneous attacks against cities are being planned.

The MMORPG is based on traditional values, except for the Dungeon Master. The combat system has 7 classes. It relies on tab targeting. However, the developers stressed that the system is now much more dynamic.

EverQuest is the basis of the equipment. Therefore, there will not be a general Gear Score. However, the different attributes and bonuses that come with the equipment will play an important role (any drops is interesting).

This MMORPG doesn’t have a shop, crowdfunding package, or initial costs. Instead, a $9.99 monthly subscription is available.

Chain Monsters

Chain monsters combine the Pokemon concept with MMORPGs. The story is told through quests. You can train, catch and fight monsters.

There will be over 135 different monsters, each with their own abilities and types at launch.

It is turn-based and uses combo and chain attacks to add more tactics. You can also fight it in 2v2.

A dynamic weather system can influence not only the environment but also existing monsters and skills.

You will need to work together in order to master raids, dungeons, and other boss events.

Housing will be provided on an island. You can create your own crafting stations and build your own house.

The blockchain allows you to own all monsters and items. These items should be available for trade both inside and outside the game.

Chainmonsters will be available in Early Access for Android, iOS, and Steam in 2023. A console version and crossplay are also planned. Free2Play will be the MMORPG.

Blue Protocol

Is this a game? Blue Protocol is a theme park MMORPG that features anime graphics and action-packed fights. It is centered on PvE content and has a story about time travel. You must flee to the past in order to save the World and prevent any catastrophes.

When creating your character, you can choose from five classes. In June 2021, the Heavy Smasher was revealed as the newest class.

The game world can be divided into cities and hubs for up to 200 players and in-game areas for around 30 players. The system is more like Guild Wars 2, which has a loading screen for each area.

Expect many quests and a strong focus on the story.

Blue Protocol’s combat system has a lot of action. Actively target enemy targets and dodge their attacks. You also need to have a few special moves. You can also use the combo system.

Equipment is not dropped by monsters while they are in play. Instead, these items must be made by you through crafting.

PvE can be expected to have solo instances or dungeons that can hold up to six players. You should plan raids.

This game doesn’t use PvP directly but allows you to compete against one another in PvE rankings.

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