PUBG Similar Battle Royals Games

Top 6 PUBG Similar Battle Royals Games (2023)


We are sharing PUBG Similar games you can play on your mobile phone. Battle royals games are extremely popular in the gaming community, whereby teams fight with one another in order to be the last team standing.

Out of all the battle royale games, it is PUBG that made the battle royale genre popular among the mass crowd.

There is a different level of addictiveness in PUBG, and PUBG mobile took its popularity to the blue sky zone. However, if you are tired of playing PUGB and you want to try out battle royale games similar to PUBG, we have the top 6 best games lined up for you.

Best PUBG Similar Games for Android

1. Fortnite

Fortnite | Download & Play For Free - Epic Games Store

Fortnite is the predecessor of PUGB and every battle royale gamer can relate to that. Fortnite is an extremely battle royale game, and the main crowd-drawing point is that its gameplay is unpredicted.

It is not just hitting your enemy immediately but exploring the arena to search for opponents. There are engaging activities as well such as finding guns and ammunition. The visual is designed to attract gamers of all ages.

You can create amazing replay clips and viral moments. The maps are not limited, and there is so much to explore and be part of adventures. There are different weapons available, and each of them has different variations.

You can make customization your character. Due to the absence of blood, it is suitable for kids of any age. You have to give credit to Fortnite for making the battle royale genre popular. 

2. Apex Legends

Apex Legends™ on Steam

Apart from the wide popularity of PUBG and Fortnite, there are many gamers who consider Apex Legends as the best battle royale game.

This is because there are scopes for a proper strategy for successful teamwork. The gameplay and gunplay are outstanding and attention has been given to the details. The game is designed for everyone to join and enjoy it and the communication level is extremely easy.

Apex Legends is a breath of fresh air in the battle royale genre. Even though it is relatively similar, there are certain revolutionary elements that make the game interesting.

The shooting factor plays a major role in any battle royale game and Apex Legends is the next in line after Call of Duty which is considered the best shooting arena for gamers. 

3. GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition | Download and Buy Today - Epic Games  Store

GTA 5 has a different feel altogether in the battle royale genre. We can call it the dark horse in this genre, and it has a separate base of fans.

The gameplay is based on heists, and heists are something that attracts gamers’ minds instantly. Heist is taken to the next level on GTA 5. With the introduction of GTA online, popularity exploded with inline collaboration.

The story is also quite intriguing, and there is a mature element that sets it apart from other battle royale games.

The regular updates from the company keep the interest intact. The game is easy to play, and the characters are given importance. The arena looks very realistic, and the vehicles are very much real-life.

4. Fall Guys

Fall Guys is the feel-good game of the summer - The Verge

For professional gamers, the more complex the gameplay is, the better the chances of outshining the opponents. However, for beginners, the simple the gameplay is, the better it is for them to perform and enjoy themselves.

Fall Guys is extremely easy to play, and there is a nostalgic factor in the game to get emotionally invested. The game is particularly developed for kids even though battle royale games are mostly targeted toward teens. Therefore, it has carved out a different niche for itself.

On the other hand, the visual elements are extremely eye-catching, and playing on a big screen feels more like playing in real life.

The gameplay is intuitive, and anyone can master it instantly. There are so many elements for fun, and yet there is diversity in gameplay to keep the audiences hooked. There has been an invisible demand for simpler battle royale games, and Fall Guys have taken the opportunity instantly.

5. Call Of Duty: Warzone

Introducing a game-changing FREE-TO-PLAY experience - Call of Duty®: Warzone

Among the top three battle royale games, you have to include Call of Duty. There are versions of Call of Duty available, but Warzone is the best battle royale game available.

If you start playing the game, you will get obsessed with it, and that is the craze and addiction level of Call of Duty. It belongs to the hard-core genre of battle royale games. In fact, it is so extreme that kids are advised not to play the game.

It is rather complex than most other battle royale games, and that is also the reason why it has a separate group of admirers. Call of Duty feels like you are part of a big arena with large-than-life gameplay.

The map is simply huge, and the buildings are worth admiring. As many as 150 gamers can play together without glitches. The presence of a pre-game lobby, ping system, three-player squads, and different game modes are some of its unique features.

6. Free Fire

Free Fire sets record with 80 million daily players for free-to-play mobile  battle royale | VentureBeat

Last but not least, Free Fire has a story at its heart which helps to relate the events rather not just shooting. If there is one battle royale that can overtake the popularity of PUBG, Free Fire is the best option.

This is because it is compatible with low-end devices while other battle royal games demand high-end devices for smooth performance. The characters in the game are memorable and each one of them is important because they have unique abilities.

Besides, there are numerous events available to stay invested in the game all the time. Overall, the game is worth giving your shot and you may get addicted. The game is currently the most popular battle royale game in Asia.


There are times when you get bored playing the same game over and over again. If you are tired of playing PUBG for months, you should definitely try out the games that are similar to PUBG but different in a lot of different ways. The shift from PUBG will be smooth but the level of enjoyment and fun could be on the next level. We have selected the best top 6 battle royale games that you will love if you like PUBG.

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