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8 Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Smell Nice

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Your bedroom, the place where you go to relax and get ready for sleep, can end up smelling less than pleasant if you don’t pay attention to its upkeep. Since most of us spend so much time sleeping in our bedrooms and since we spend so much time at home, it’s important to clean your bedroom and make it smell good to have a better sleeping environment and feel better once you wake up in the morning. Here are 8 easy ways to make your bedroom smell nice!

1) Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is a breeding ground for germs, dust and bacteria. Because of that, when you’re working hard to make your bedroom smell nice, it helps a lot if you take care of some of those clutter-related issues beforehand. A good starting point is removing unused items from your room and either getting rid of them or storing them elsewhere (and making sure they stay there). Then consider removing unnecessary furniture pieces that aren’t serving any real purpose—you might be surprised how much better your room smells once you free up some floor space.

2) Remove Smoke Odors

Remove smoke odors from your home and car with a dry cleaning solvent, such as Febreze. Use a carpet cleaner on your upholstery to get rid of any lingering smells. This may also eliminate pet dander or dust mites if that’s what you’re smelling. As for mold, if you have a humidifier in your home, it’s likely emitting mold spores into your home that can cause allergies and lung infections. Wipe down hard surfaces with vinegar or other cleaners before going to bed so moisture doesn’t build up overnight.

3) Create Negative Ion Atoms

Fresh air is great for us all, but that doesn’t mean you need to leave your windows open 24/7. Opening your windows too often means a greater risk of theft and robbery, not to mention an increase in noise pollution. By keeping your windows closed at night, you’ll help keep out cold drafts and keep things nice and cozy inside. This also cuts down on unnecessary heating costs during colder months as well. Bonus: It can help you sleep better as well! I have always loved fresh air – but it isn’t worth taking these risks just for a little fresh air.

4) Keep Windows Open

Air circulation is vital in a bedroom, but you don’t want to feel like you’re sleeping outside. A gentle flow of air will help circulate your scent from your perfume or cologne as well as naturally occurring odors. Just remember that fresh air can be drafty; if it gets too cold, close those windows for an hour and open them again when it warms up. Also, keep fans away from windows so cold air doesn’t blow into your room when you draw the shades and drapes closed for nighttime.

5) Use Plants

A simple addition to your bedroom can go a long way toward improving air quality—and you don’t even have to be a gardening expert. Here are some plants that will make your bedroom smell amazing. The process of photosynthesis creates oxygen, which is especially beneficial if you have trouble breathing at night. It also lowers carbon dioxide levels and gets rid of nasty chemicals from things like paint, cleaning products and nail polish. If you’re worried about something going wrong with your new plant (which isn’t unlikely), skip on-the-shelf varieties or opt for fake ones instead. That way you won’t mess up your room decor in case anything happens!

6) Freshen with Scents

You may not think that smell has a lot to do with bedroom cleanliness, but it’s important. A sour smelling bedroom can create a bad impression and make you feel lethargic throughout your day. Luckily, there are some things you can do in your home – like freshen with scents – to make it smell nice again. Think about how well you sleep when you’re in a fresh-smelling room, then use these tips to refresh it and make yourself more comfortable at night. These simple solutions are affordable and will have an instant impact on your well-being.

7) Add Fresh Flowers Section

Fresh flowers naturally add scent and beauty. Plants absorb CO2 in their foliage, but when it dies and is then decomposed by bacteria or fungi, it releases oxygen back into your home. It’s a cycle that happens naturally, even without you doing anything at all. You can use any kind of flower—roses, tulips, daffodils; just be sure they’re fresh! Just place them around your bedroom on tables and dressers; pretty soon you’ll notice a difference in how nice your bedroom smells.

8) Keep Air Circulation & Ventilation

When you sleep, your body produces a lot of heat, which can often make your bedroom feel stuffy. The easiest way to keep your room smelling fresh is by regularly cleaning up any dust and debris and circulating fresh air by opening windows or using fans. A desk fan is also a great option for circulating air at night. If you live in an apartment building or in close quarters with neighbors, don’t be afraid to ask them if they can open their windows while you are sleeping; most people don’t mind doing it and will appreciate how good it makes their home smell! (Just don’t forget that politeness costs nothing).

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