Why iPhones are Not Made for PUBG Mobile in India?

Why iPhones are Not Made for PUBG Mobile in India?

App Name Why iPhones are Not Made for PUBG Mobile in India?

Compared to others, Apple’s market in India ranges from 2.7 to 1.5 percent. A big contrast to the Android market, in which India ranks as the second most prominent country in the world with 96 percent preference. The reasons why this is happening are varied and, to the surprise of many, it has nothing to do with its price.

The population in India is quite fond of mobile games, so one of the main reasons for opting for one phone or another has a lot to do with what the product offers and, above all, if it works correctly in India, regardless of its world fame. Apple has some drawbacks in the region, and PUBG mobile fans choose an Android rather than an iPhone with their eyes closed. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons.

What characteristics must a smartphone have to be able to play with PUBG mobile?

PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale-style game that uses unreal engine 4 and focuses on visual quality, maps, shooting, and other aspects to provide a surreal experience. Therefore, you need a device with the ability to provide this experience without interruptions, and whose performance is optimal in the most exciting moments of the game. Likewise, the screen has to be of good resolution and resistance, in order to avoid errors in the game as much as possible.

Why is an iPhone not ideal for playing PUBG mobile in India?

Even though iPhone presents a comfortable operating system to use and its innovative designs continue to delight the world’s population, there are a few reasons why it is not even close to the first choice for gamers:

1.    Apple does not have an official store in India

While you can buy an iPhone and make use of its benefits, in case of significant damage, repairing it will be very difficult. Throughout the country, there are only authorized resellers, which only provide basic services and not like what trained workers by the company would offer. Mainly, for this reason, people prefer to buy a smartphone with an Android operating system instead of iOS, in fact, you can see the top 5 list here of the most popular mobiles across the country so that you have an idea of ​​which are the best phones to play on.

2.    Limited capabilities of dual SIM card

Many people in India distribute mobile data between two SIM cards, and any Samsung device allows this duality. While with the latest iPhones it is already something that can be done, it is a terrain already won by the Androids.

3.    Restrictions in India for iOS regarding internet content downloads.

Perhaps, this is the most important reason. As we discussed at the beginning of this article, many people in India value smartphones as a source of entertainment. Especially for students, downloading movies, tv shows, and music is part of the day-to-day, and for the rest of the population, playing online with friends is also part of this set. It is an action that can easily be done with an Android, obtaining the same quality and experience as if they were doing it with an iOS.

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