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Root Explorer Pro MOD APK v5.0.1 (Full Premium)

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Root Explorer MOD APK is the most potent, handy, and effective file manager available. You can access every file in Android’s file system, even the ones that are password-protected, with the Root Explorer Apk. Being able to simply root an Android device and take full control of the operating system is one advantage it has over other iOS devices. As a result, you will take ownership of the gadgets in their genuine capacity and stop the manufacturers from accessing your systems again. Of course, having such incredible abilities calls for having the appropriate instruments to make use of them. There isn’t a better alternative than the Root Explorer MOD APK for individuals looking for the ideal solution to manage and organize all the files on their system.

About Root Explorer Pro

An absolutely free root file manager to download for Android devices is called Root Explorer. It is required for you if your Android device is rooted. You can download it from this page and look through your device’s directories. You can utilize them with this software because rooted Android offers a variety of additional opportunities. You can find all the folders on your rooted Android device, including mysterious data folders, es files, and many more, with the help of Root Explorer Pro MOD APK. Utilize this file manager to bring out the full capabilities of your rooted device. Learn how to use the detailed folders that are created once you root your Android device. Access all of your old multimedia data, including films, pictures, and other files, that disappeared when you rooted your device. The Root Explorer will ultimately take you to the depths of your Android operating system. A root browser is included with Root Explorer’s full APK so you may search for files on your device and put in what you want.

Root Explorer

Utilize Your High-Powered Hardware

The software will first give you the chance to benefit from your fully unlocked hardware by putting on amazing performances. With the streamlined file managing program, feel free to enjoy seeing your file activities finish in a matter of seconds. Additionally, you are permitted to carry out various management chores using the several tabs that are accessible with only a few quick taps. Additionally, switching between tabs is simple since you configure several tasks in each tab. Utilize the simple touch and gesture controls to navigate the tabs with ease. Not to add that Root Explorer will enable you to carry out your time-consuming duties in the background without interfering with your ongoing work. In order to ensure that you won’t be hacked while using the devices, it is also feasible to modify the hardware that is designated for particular jobs.

Root Explorer MOD APK

Browse And Explore Certain Files Efficiently

Additionally, Android users will have access to quick and efficient navigation choices to make things much faster and more comfortable. Use your system’s robust search feature to start by searching for all the targeted files there are. Utilize the shortcut settings to efficiently add new shortcuts to the home screen of the app for your frequently used files and folders. You will then be taken to the file locations you want with just one tap. Additionally, you can bookmark your files so that you can return to them later and continue where you left off.

Root Explorer MOD APK

Several Great Options For Organizing Files

You’ll also get access to a lot of practical and exciting managing options because it’s a file manager. Feel free to view the properties of individual files and folders, including their sizes, dates, MD5 checksums, and other information. Additionally, you will have access to a wealth of helpful management tools, such as rapid file transfers, practical file sorting, etc. And if you’re interested, you can send your files over email, Bluetooth, local network, FTP, and many other connections with only a few touches. We all know how crucial it is for your file explorer to include built-in extract and archive options, which brings us to our final point. Having said that, you may quickly execute your extract options for popular file kinds like ZIP and RAR using Root Explorer. Additionally, you can archive your files into a solitary small file if you’d like.

Root Explorer MOD APK

Tools For Viewing And Altering Various Files That Are Helpful

The app’s developers have also included a tonne of fascinating and practical file editing tools to increase the app’s functionality. As a result, you can start by opening your files in several programs by using the Open With choices. You can access the contents of the majority of your files with just one tap if you have access to the built-in Text Editor. You are allowed to edit them as you see fit. Additionally, you may use the integrated SQLite database viewer, which is something you won’t find on other programs of a similar nature.

Root Explorer MOD APK

Easily Modify The Layouts In Your Game

Android users may easily make use of the various adjustments on the app to make their in-app experiences more intuitive and pleasurable. To improve Root Explorer’s visual experience, start by changing your themes. Change your home wallpaper to anything you choose, enable the dark theme for an eye-friendly experience in the dark, and enable the light theme for a better view of your files in bright light. Additionally, you can alter your icons in several ways using the sets that are offered.

Root Explorer MOD APK

Experience The Fascinating Software In Your Own Language

The app provides a list of all the various languages that are available for those of you who are interested. Android users will undoubtedly love the simple in-app experiences in their favorite languages with more than 11 localizations available. Pick from a variety of languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and more. Do you not recognize your native tongues? Simply send them out and wait for the latest changes.

Appreciate The Convenient Online Drive Possibilities

Root Explorer also provides a selection of beneficial options that you may choose from to make the software more fun for individuals who frequently utilize their online drives. To begin with, support for all of the popular drives that are already accessible, including Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more, should be provided. You can add or remove your account at any time using the Google Drive SDK. When you’re ready, swiftly access your accounts’ features by having them prepared. Want no accounts at all? Simply delete them, and none of the files inside will be impacted. Additionally, unlike other explorer programs, you may stream films and audio files from online clouds directly to your mobile devices without having to download anything.


As you might have suspected, you need a rooted Android device with all of its rights unlocked in order to use the program. Make sure SuperSU (or other corresponding programs) is installed as well so you can easily provide the required rights. You just need to download and set up the app on your mobile devices to get started. When prompted for permissions, select “Accept” to start taking advantage of the fantastic in-app experiences whenever you’re ready. You also need to have your smartphones online in order to use the cloud drive and online file transfer functions. And don’t worry, the providers won’t have access to any of your personal information.

How does the Root Explorer operate?

The user’s device data will be accessed by Root Explorer once it has been downloaded and activated. It scans everything first, then lists everything for the user to follow. The home screen will show everything, and users can manage it using the device’s memory.

There will be some unique files on rooted devices. These files are open for users to edit or modify as they choose. But if you don’t know how to accomplish it, your device could sustain significant software core damage.  

Download Root Explorer MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Users’ performance will rise after their devices are rooted. Root Explorer has developed into one of the most essential tools for a skilled expert because of its impressive capabilities. To get the most out of this tool, download the Root Explorer APK version that we are offering.


Explore your phone effortlessly by downloading the free Root Explorer Premium Apk. You can browse your device’s whole file system using this software. It is simple to create new folders, rename existing ones, and copy files and directories. Additionally, you may link it to your Dropbox account to sync all of your device’s content with this online backup service. I hope you’ve liked reading about the root explorer Mod Apk. If you find it useful, please tell a friend about it.

Download Root Explorer Pro MOD APK v5.0.1 (Full Premium)

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