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PUBG Characters Name List – 15 Best Character Names [2023]

App Name PUBG Characters Name List- 15 Best Character Names [2022]
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Pubg Mobile has introduced a group of new special Pubg characters in its new edition. With different abilities for each character, the players are able to be stronger than before.

Allow players to select one of the four newly added Pubg characters. While some of these special characters require UC or character vouchers, others cost you real money. Keep reading for the best special features on PUBG Mobile.

Read the full article to get some idea for best PUBG characters and also read the article PUBG symbol to know more about Pubg game.

Pubg characters Names List 2022

  • Victor
  • Carlo
  • Sara
  • Andy

#1 Victor:

Pubg characters

Launched on the popular PUBG mobile, Victor is the first special PUBG character. The character is available free for all PUBG mobile players. The peculiarity of Victor’s character is that when a user uses a sub-machine gun, it has the weapons to reduce the overall re-loading time.

The character mainly reduces the reloading time of the S SMG by about 4% and when it comes to Victor 2 levels it goes up to 5.5%.

Victor’s special ability is reducing SMG by 10% after re-loading to 9 levels. This character has three different upgraded outfits, including the legendary Conquest.

How to Unlock Victor’s Character?

You have to click on the tab highlighting the workshop and select a Pubg character if you want to free Victor. By doing so, you will be able to see Victor on your device screen with his story, his skills, his emotions, his clothes, and his voice. You can also get the free vector free click option under the letter to use it.

#2 Sara:

Pubg characters

Sara, who is found in the popular PUBG mobile game, is the only female special character. The characteristic of this character is to increase the durability of a vehicle. When you upgrade Sarah completely, you will expect to increase the durability of the vehicles by up to 10 percent.

How to Get the Whole Character?

You need to unlock Sarah’s character on PUBG mobile using 600 different character vouchers available for free. Ideally, you would have to spend 600UC to unlock the relevant Pubg character.

#3 Andy:

Pubg characters

Andy is the latest addition to the list of special PUBG mobile characters. You can completely upgrade the character by enhancing the gun image as well as keeping the speed up to 16%.

How to Unlock Andy’s Character?

To unlock Andy, you have to pay 1200 UC vouchers to 1200 UC However, if you want to unlock Andy for free, you have to take part in the Andy Character Unveiling event. To do this, you need to follow some simple steps to unlock it.

#4 Carlo:

Pubg characters

Carlo is a beautiful-looking character in the PUBG mobile game. He has a beautiful dress and a wonderful hairstyle Also, when you upgrade it to 9 levels Carlo comes with a special ability to reduce it by about 24%.

How to Unlock Carlo Character?

To get the Carlo character you have to pay 1200UC or the character voucher ideally, you can do this by following a few simple steps:

  • Visit the Events Department to see the event missions, where you have to complete various missions to collect many free prizes.
  • Once you are successful in collecting the required number of letter vouchers, you should visit the workshop to click on the Carlo character.
  • Finally, you have to click on the unlock option to get the Carlo character.

How to Get PUBG Characters?

Pubg characters
Pubg Character List the free all Characters – PUBG Mobile Bat Royal has launched many special characters to enhance the appeal of real gamers. Each of these characters has special abilities to grow throughout the game.

If you are looking for a list of Pubg characters 2022 and how to unlock them for free with or without Pubg users; you will land at the right place.

Accordingly, players can choose one of four different special Pubg characters in the PUBG mobile game. You need to buy some special characters when you need a few letter vouchers or UC.

In the context of this flexible system, you can learn about the best characters on PUBG mobiles and the various ways to unlock them.

What is the Best Special Character on PUBG Mobile?

Now let’s choose the best special characters on PUBG mobile, we can say that they are some of the best special Pubg characters of the whole game.

Most of the time, when players travel in vehicles, they die in car blasts. With the ability to increase the sustainability of the vehicle of the Sara character, you and your vehicle are safer in the game for longer periods of time.

Other characters, such as Victor, only apply to SMGs, which most players don’t like to use.

The ability of the Carlos character to minimize the loss of damage in most matches is not significant. Andy’s skills can only be used to draw and keep guns.

FAQ’s PUBG Character

Who is PUBG’s best character?

Carlo is the best character in the Pubg game. He has a fantastic hairstyle and dresses Carlo has a special ability, and that is to reduce the fallout by 24% as it rises to level 9.

How many characters are there in PUBG?

Symbols for Pubg names should be less than 12 characters. The game name does not contain spam names, sensitive characters.

Who is the most famous character in PUBG?

All the characters in Pubg Mobile are very powerful, the most favorite of them being “Carlo”


PUBG Mobile now dominates the gaming community Because of the lockdown in most parts of the world and not doing much work, most people are engaged in PUBG mobiles.

It will be even more exciting when you have the opportunity to choose your favorite character in the game.

PUBG has launched various special features of mobile games. All of these characters come with a variety of special abilities. Players can choose from four different characters in the game.

Some of these special characters need to be purchased, others require a UC or character voucher.

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