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Mehndi design is one of the oldest Geographical Designs. It is especially popular in the Muslim World. This article was published on the occasion of Darul Uloom Bangladesh’s 50th Anniversary, on November 27th, 2016.

Mehndi design is a form of Indian jewelry. It consists of symbols that relate to the sun, moon, stars, and nature, and it is this diversity that makes it so special. The best mehndi design works on the principle of repetition and matching with the various colors. Mehndi design is now gaining popularity worldwide as it provides an opportunity for people to express different emotions and feelings through forms of artistry.

Best Mehndi Design

Mehndi is the most popular Indian artwork. It involves a lot of big and small details, with which one can express their individuality. This can be done through various forms of mehndi designs.

A simple mehndi design helps people express their individuality by wearing it on their wedding day or on any special occasion. A full-hand mehndi design allows everyone to accessorize their own as well as other people’s designs for a variety of occasions and events.

An easy mehndi design allows people to enjoy this aspect at work when they want to make sure that there is no confusion in them saying different words. A finger mehndi design means that you can share the same designs across different fingers.

Mehndi design is a traditional Indian art form that involves the combination of colors, shapes, and symbols through writing. It is also called a Khiladi (a word derived from Khali meaning ‘hand’). The Ahluwalia Family has been involved in the mehndi sector for the last several decades. We are the only family in India that has made our mark in this field and has built a reputation for taking care of trends & designs.

Mehndi’s designs have to be very precise because they have to match all demographic groups and should not look like something else as they will get rejected by clients. For example, when you see the number 3 on your favorite brand’s jersey, you know there will be no other number 3 on it.

Mehndi is a popular Indian symbol of love and happiness for the bride.

“Mehndi is an intricate design that has been put to use in weddings around the world. But it was not until 20 years ago that the practice of handwriting a mehndi on one’s fingers became popular as a part of wedding gifts.”

The mehndi design has been revealed as an ancient art form, which dates back to 3000 B.C when India was ruled by the Maurya Empire. Mehndi designs have been made visible through images and illustrations since ancient times but it wasn’t until the early twentieth century that people began taking interest in them as a form of art.

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Best Mehndi Design in 2024

Mehndi Design

Indian occasions and festivals run in parallel with Mehndi designs; isn’t it? in India, mehndi is put in almost so many occasions. remember back then when we used to be small we used to wait for special occasions so that we could get mehndi on our hands, I am sure so many of you used to or maybe still go to those mehndi artists to get that beauty on our hands.

Mehndi holds great importance in Indian culture, the bride gets mehndi at the time of her marriage, on the occasion of karva Chauth. the most exciting part about Indian marriages is the mehndi function. mehndi is considered in 16 Shringar as well. there are a lot of types of mehndi designs these days and I am sure this is one of the most difficult tasks to select the design. to make your task a little simple in this article you will find about different types of mehndi designs.

Simple Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

As the name suggests this type of mehndi design is very easy to make and is considered to be a traditional form of mehndi design. one can just not go wrong with this type of Mehndi design.

the method is very simple to start by making a dot then to that dot add some semi-circles. then you can fill the leftover space with any design like flowers, leaves, or even veins. you can then add some dots and there it is ready.

Arabic Mehndi Design

mehndi design

This is also a very simple form of mehndi. this design leaves more space in your hand. you can add traditional designs or patterns and it does not require a lot of designs such as modern leaves, flowers, or even Paisleys. you need to be just a little creative for this and it does not take a lot of your time.

Full Hand Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

In this design whole of your hand is covered with a design that leaves less space in hand. it is assumed that this type of design looks messy but that isn’t true at all. brides usually get full hand mehndi design.

Easy Mehndi Design

mehndi design

This is also very simple to make and consumes very little time. you can make this using any traditional design such as the making of a mandala circle in the center of your palm that holds a lot of importance in Hindu culture yet looks very simple and easy.

Finger Mehndi Design

mehndi design

Finger mehndi design is drawn on fingers and looks very pretty. A very simple pattern is making Jaal. Jaal pattern looks so nice and is also very simple to make. you can also make leaves pattern on the fingers.

Mehndi Design Easy

Mehndi design

A very easy design of mehndi is made of some flowers that add some leaves and veins and you are good to go with such an easy design yet looks very beautiful.

Back Hand Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

Backhand mehndi design is more important to a lot of people than front hand. as the back of your hand is more visible than the front part of your hand. there are a lot of designs which can be made, the classic simple backhand mehndi design is a very good option such as the making of leaves and floral swaying from fingers will look very pretty.

Front Hand Simple Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design

One of the most simple front-hand designs is the designs using geometric shapes and design. you can add traditional designs with it and this looks very unique yet is very simple to make.

New Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

make mehndi using beads and lines. use both thick and thin lines and here your mehndi is ready. so unique and stylish.

Front Hand Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

A very interesting front hand design can be made using designs of Mughals such as elements like leaves with a lot of veins you can also make a very simple peacock and use a jaali pattern. this peacock design is a must-try one and looks very artistic.

Mendhi Design Latest

Best Mehndi Design

Necklace style mehndi is the very latest style of mehndi design. make necklace design structure and fill it in with alternate jaali pattern shade it. leave the empty space as it is and your mehndi is ready. it looks very elegant.

Bridal Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

You can make bridal and bridegroom in the mehndi design. very fancy and unique or you can go with a floral bloom mehndi design flowers all over will look very beautiful for a full hand bridal mehndi.

Mehndi Design is Easy and Beautiful

Mehndi Design is Easy and Beautiful

A very simple mehndi design is using paisleys. you can never go wrong with paisleys in mehndi. add jaali design in the fingertips. fill the rest with paisley and leaf motifs and here is a very simple yet beautiful mehndi design.

Mehndi Design New

Mehndi Design

Mehndi’s design which looks like jewelry seems interesting right. in this mehndi design make design related to jewelry and along with that add strings. it is the very latest and a very beautiful design.

Leg Mehndi Design

Leg Mehndi Design

Add lines and geometry along with the floral pattern. make alternate lines fill in the left in space with big and small flowers. if you wish you can shade the blocks and this leg design will look very beautiful and symmetrical.

Front Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design

In this mehndi design. add lace motifs in the fingers and take them down. add a floral pattern of different kinds. fill the leftover space with dark as well as light shade and the front mehndi design is ready. it will look very adorable in hands.

Back Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design

One can make a very pretty Bharwa back mehndi design. this is also very simple and looks really pretty when made. You can make a Jaal design and complete the spaces with a flower design or even a bangle design.

Simple Arabic Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design

If you want to make a simple Arabic mehndi design you just need to add two elements. Flowers and leaves. floral mehndi design is a very simple form of Arabic mehndi design that is very easy to make.

Stylish Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design

One of the most stylish mehndi designs is band style mehndi design. in this type you need to make a few bands with a gap in the middle it looks so minimalistic so classy and is very stylish at the same time.

Easy Arabic Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design

This mehndi design will leave a lot of space. adding swirl patterns to it and big flowers .floral patterns are easy to make and always look very pretty. it is very easy to make. it looks very neat and attractive at the same time.

Mehndi Designed Simple Front Hand

Mehndi Design

Floral patterns along with lines can make a very simple and beautiful mehndi design. this is very easy and less time-consuming. floral patterns are very simple to make and this type lets the creativity flow. This mehndi design is very elegant and simple.

Modern Full Hand Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design

This mehndi design is very classy and modern. in this mehndi design, you need to focus on laces. lace motif instantly makes mehndi very modern. it will look very simple and classy. this design is very minimalistic.

Easy Simple Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design

Adding a lotus flower rather than some other flower can instantly make your mehndi very unique. with that some different types of flowers and leaves. it is so easy to make but will look very classy.

Royal Finger Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design

Just painting the tips of your fingers looks very royal. add small flower patterns along with drops or lines. this mehndi finger design can also be drawn at the back of your hands. Especially suitable for the brides who want to show their rings.

Mehndi Design Leg

Mehndi Design

This type of leg mehndi design looks very simple and clean. in this, you need to make a swirl pattern along with the shape of flower petals. this is one of the easiest leg mehndi designs which looks really pretty.

India Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

Adding the Chaadar design with the basic flowers and leaves is a proper traditional Indian mehndi design. you can add both big and small flowers with other traditional motifs and make it a full hand mehndi that will look like a proper Indian mehndi design.

Easy Simple FIinger Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

If you are someone who doesn’t like full hand mehndi. then make this one-finger mehndi design. in this mehndi design, you just need to fill one finger and leave the rest. you can start off with a band pattern and continue it with hearts. this is a very simple design and will look very cute.

Leg Mehndi Design Simple

Best Mehndi Design

This mehndi design is very easy to make. all you need to do is first make a border for making Border first make a line. then add some circular design, not too big but small circles and with that add some flowers and you’re very pretty.

Karwa Chauth Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

A very unique design of karwachuath mehndi is getting his name on your hands . half name on one hand and one on the other with other details like the bangle design along with flowers and leaves is an appropriate design for karwachauth.

Wedding Dulhan Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

Adding your wedding look to your mehndi can make your mehndi very unique. imagine your wedding look be it your lehenga that will look so beautiful . with that you can add some patterns on your own to add uniqueness to it.

Pakistani Arabic Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

The use of lines in mehndi can also take mehndi to another level. mehndi with bold lines and thin lines make a combination of very beautiful Pakistani mehndi designs .you can also add a little bit of jaali pattern to it.

Arabic Mehndi Design 2024

Best Mehndi Design

Arabic mehndi on its own is very beautiful. just add huge flowers with that some paisleys can do wonders in Arabic mehndi. you can also add some leaves and a semi-circle pattern to enhance it more.

Mehndi Design Image 2024

Best Mehndi Design

The below mehndi design is very easy to make. you just need to make lines and dot along with it. this mehndi design is very minimalistic and can be made on any occasion.

Beautiful Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

Beads mehndi design is a very beautiful mehndi design. start with any pattern be it flower, bands, or leaf motif, and join it with beads. beads pattern always look very adorable and is also easy to make.

Girlish Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

Have you seen glove-style mehndi? if not, this is the time to try it out glove style mehndi looks so adorable and girlish. this design actually looks as if you are wearing a glove. it is a very unique design for girls.

Mehndi Design Bridal Full Hand

Best Mehndi Design

This mehndi design is my personal favorite. drawing actual var mala in the mehndi is beyond someone’s imagination and will leave everyone in awe. this bridal full hand mehndi design is very creative and unique.

Full Hand Bridal Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

This bridal design comprises of flower pattern of your choice. flowers can make any mehndi design look very beautiful and can take it to another level. add flower bloom patterns of different kinds. you can totally experiment with different types of flowers.

Mehndi Design Photo

Best Mehndi Design

Adding peacock and peacock feathers to a design makes it very unique and looks very beautiful on hands. draw peacock along with lines and dots and add peacock feather at the end. this mehndi design will look very unique.

Modern Back Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

Modern back hand mehndi design just takes every one attention you can make a 3 D pattern like a drop pattern with flowers. you can also add a jaali pattern along with it. the modern pattern should be minimalistic and simple.

Eid Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

For an auspicious festival like eid, one can draw this very elegant yet so attractive mehndi design. in this design, you can draw either a half-moon or a full moon. you can easily make a moon add some flowers and leaves to it and that is it. this eid mehndi design is so simple yet so unique.

Mehndi Dubai Design

Best Mehndi Design

Add leaves motif to your mehndi design to make it a Dubai design. add flowers along and it will look classy and beautiful.

Stylish Finger Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Design

Leafy motifs can make your mehndi finger design very classy and stylish at the same time. this looks very trendy. when doing leafy motifs finger you should fill the rest of your hand and make it a Bharva design to enhance its beauty.

Mehndi Design for Fingers

Best Mehndi Design

Jaali pattern is a very classic design for mehndi. fingers or hands you cannot go wrong with the jaali pattern. jaali pattern in fingers is sufficient on its own. you need not do much to your mehndi.

Mehndi Design for Foot

Best Mehndi Design

This mehndi design is very easy to make. all you need to do is first make a border for making Border first make a line. then add some circular design not too big but small circles and with that add some flowers and your very pretty feet design is ready.

Mehndi Design 2024 New Style Simple

Best Mehndi Design

Are you someone who is fond of cartoons if yes, add cartoons to your mehndi and make it super unique. for eg . make a mickey mouse and then add different elements beside such as flowers, paisleys, lines, and dots to make it even more beautiful.

New Design Mehndi Design I Simlpe

Best Mehndi Design

Birds in mehndi look very beautiful. make flying birds in mehndi and it will take your mehndi to another level. along with that add bloom of flowers and your mehndi is ready.

New Mehndi Design 2021

Best Mehndi Design

There is this very latest mehndi design of making dancing mehndi. In this mehndi, you can add dancing elements especially the Gujarati form of dance, and add the floral design along with it, add leaves and veins if you want it to make a full hand design.

New Mehndi Design 2020

Best Mehndi Design

Have you seen bells in a mehndi? if not, you need to try this design using bells. make bells along with strings attached with that you can add a lacy motif and here is your new mehndi design. this design is very unique and beautiful.

FAQ’S of Best Mehndi Design

One should leave mehndi on hands for how many hours?

Ans. Mehndi should be kept for approximately 24 – 28 hours for best results and the minimum duration should be at least 8 hours.

Before how many days should we apply mehndi?

Ans. We should apply mehndi at least one or two days before the actual occasion. as we also need to keep it for drying for a longer time which is 24 to 48 hours.

Why does mehndi turn to black?

Ans. mehndi turns dark in color due to a scientific reason which is that mehndi that is henna oxidizes and turns dark in color

For how many days mehndi last?

Ans. mehndi usually lasts for approx two or three weeks then it starts to fade away.


Since immemorial mehndi has been such an important part of our culture and no Indian festival can be complete without mehndi. mehndi adds beauty to any occasion. likes and dislikes keep changing but best mehndi designs‘ likeliness cannot change. people are so fond of mehndi designs.

there are various mehndi designs available these days. in this article, we discussed various types of mehndi designs which might have helped you clear your confusion .we have told about sorts of designs such as simple designs to complex designs. We have told mehndi designs for various occasions such as eid, bridal, marriage, karva chauth, and many more

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