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Fruit Ninja Classic Mod APK v3.4.0 (Paid For Free)

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Want to keep yourself occupied with a fun game? Make sure to download the Fruit Ninja Classic Apk. This game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. With its simple yet challenging gameplay, you will be coming back for more. Fruit Ninja on Android is a fruit-slicing game in which you must swipe your finger across the screen to cut fruit, avoiding bombs. The game features three gameplay modes Classic, Zen, and Arcade with a variety of achievements to unlock. There are also lots of blades and powers to unlock that will help you get further in the game. Fruit Ninja is free to download from the Play Store. Fruit Ninja Classic Apk – an interesting great game to keep you entertained. With its simple yet challenging gameplay, you will be coming back for more. Why not give it a try? Click here to download it and start cutting now.

About Fruit Ninja Classic Apk

I am beyond doubt that you have heard about Fruit Ninja. In case you haven’t, Fruit Ninja is a game where you slash fruit with your finger. Three game modes are available: Classic, Arcade, and Zen. The Classic mode is the original mode where you slash fruit as it comes down the screen. As you slice and dodge bombs in the arcade mode, you’ll dodge bombs as well. In 2010, when this game first appeared on the App Store, it was an instant hit. In 2012, Fruit Ninja was ported to Android and it has been one of the most popular games on the platform since then. In-app purchases are available if you would like to enhance the game.

Fruit Ninja Classic Mod Apk

Features of Fruit Ninja Classic On Android

Fruit Ninja Classic apk is a modded version of the original Fruit Ninja game. It has all the same features as the original game but it also has a few extra features that you might find useful. The apk file is free to download and it won’t cost you anything to install it on your Android device.

Fruit Ninja Classic Mod Apk

Multiple Upgrade Tools

It supports a wide range of devices and it has been optimized for the latest Android devices. Additionally, there are several upgrades that will allow you to enhance the gameplay experience. The game also supports Facebook integration so you can share your scores with your friends and see how you compare to them.

Fruit Ninja Classic Apk

The skin editor allows players to create and share skins. The player will be able to unlock several achievements and discover new abilities. You can also compete against your friends on the online leaderboard and see who is the best Fruit Ninja player.

Choose your Favorite Mode Play

Fruit Ninja Classic Mod Apk also has a custom mode where you can choose your favorite game mode to play. Aside from setting the difficulty level, you can also set the duration of your game. Besides the game’s tutorial mode for improving skills, there is also a multiplayer mode. The highest fruit ninja game of all time! Most addictive and entertaining. Do not miss it

Fruit Ninja Classic Apk

Play the classic fruit-slicing game that started it all! Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular games on Android for a reason – it’s insanely addictive and fun to play. Slicing fruit is easy, but it’s important to avoid hitting bombs. There are three modes to play – Classic, Arcade, and Zen – each with its own unique challenges.

Play With Your Friends

Play Fruit Ninja Classic Mod Apk with your friends to take advantage of this great feature. You can see their scores and how they are doing in the game. They have to be online for it to work, but if they are it is a great way to show who is best at the game.

Fruit Ninja Classic Apk

You can share pictures of your progress in the game on social media and compare scores with friends. This online leaderboard gives you the opportunity to compete against players around the world.

Save Game Progress

This fantastic fruit-tapping title also offers the ability to save your game progress so that you can come back and continue playing later. Take a look at the achievements as well. All ages will enjoy the free downloaded game. Is there anything else you want? Download the Fruit Ninja app now to slice your fruit.

Graphics And Sound

There is a lot of attention paid to graphic detail and sound effects in this game. In addition, the music is extremely relaxing and lends itself to increasing concentration. You won’t regret playing Fruit Ninja Classic Mod Apk if you love challenging fruit-slicing games.

Entertainment Moments Enjoy Meaningfully

This game will bring young hours of entertainment. You will never get bored playing it because there is so much to do. A player gets better as they play more. And if you have friends that also play, it becomes even more fun. Who can get the highest score? It is a fun and engaging game thanks to the sound effects and graphics. There is also a lot of content to unlock and discover so you always have something new to look forward to. If you’re looking for a great way to pass the time, then download the App today.


Is Fruit Ninja Classic free?

The game has three modes – Classic, Arcade, and Zen. Each mode offers its own unique challenges.

How do I save my game progress in Fruit Ninja Classic Apk?

To save your game progress, go to the main menu and select the “save” option. Your progress will be saved automatically.

Can I play with my friends in Fruit Ninja Classic Apk?

There is the possibility of playing with friends in this game. This only works when the players are online, but once they are it’s a great way of showing who is the best.

What is the highest score I can get in Fruit Ninja Classic Mod Apk?

The highest score you can get in Fruit Ninja Classic Mod Apk is 999,999.


Fruit Ninja Classic Apk is an excellent game that offers hours of enjoyment. The graphics and sound effects are top-notch and the gameplay is very addicting. You can play with your friends or compete against players all over the world on the online leaderboard. There are lots of achievements to unlock and new content to discover.

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