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Animation Throwdown Mod Apk v1.131.1 (Unlimited money)

Name Animation Throwdown
Offered By Kongregate
Size 136.49 MB
Latest Version 1.131.1
MOD Info Unlimited money
Update March 10, 2023 (2 weeks ago)
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Price FREE

 The collectible card game, Animation Throwdown Mod Apk, lets you gather cards and combat with celebrities from your favorite shows! assemAssembleck of playing cards with images from your favorite animated shows.

 The characters are illustrated on various cards with various life periods. Toss your cards away, then decimate your opponent’s hand based on the power and appeal of each card. 

Traps can be constructed to prevent the opponent from returning in time by launching a low-level card, followed by a string of high-level cards. Also, you will learn about its numerous characteristics in the essay. 

The player requested a second version with unlocked features. Thus it was created by outside developers. 

 Animation Throwdown MOD APK

Participate in the entertaining card fights in Animation Throwdown MOD APK. The character’s image from the famous TV show we have all seen will surprise you. The first to run out of cards loses. You must have a personal approach because it will take time to predict the cards your opponent will deal with. This card game is based on five popular animated television programs.

Animation Throwdown Mod Apk

You may combine several cards to reveal breathtaking scenes showcasing the absurd circumstances of the cartoon characters. It has several elements that elevate it beyond other card games. We offer the Animation Throwdown Mod Apk today, increasing your satisfaction and amusement. 


Unlike traditional card games, in Animation Throwdown, you just need to go through the beginner instruction to quickly start the complete game and experience the fun offered by the classic card games Animation Throwdown. You will be exposed to an extraordinary adventure in this game, joining other characters from five of the most popular animated shows.

Animation Throwdown Mod Apk

Play as your favorite characters, including Hank Hill, Roger the Alien, Tina Checker, Brian, Stewie, and more. In essence, the game is a collection of cards with various powers that you must acquire. 

Use their abilities to compete against the others in amusing card games. Using their cards, you battle with characters from your favorite TV series. In the game, cards of all the well-known Cartoon characters, like FAMILY GUY, FUTURAMA, AMERICAN DAD, and many more, are accessible. 

In the PVP Multiplayer mode, you may also compete against other great players like Bob and Linda. Start or join a clan to keep in touch with many other players and share your prize-winning matches.

 Get the most extraordinary deck of cards to impress your friends and gain respect. 

Key Features

  • Create a fantastic deck by gathering and combining.
  • You must defeat 30+ islands of game levels to receive cards.
  • Amass playing cards of your favorite actors from your favorite television programs.
  • Mom’s Mystery Box finds powerful new cards and builds card combinations for spectacular skins and surprises.
  • A large variety of jobs and levels; superb illustrations of well-known characters.

Game’s rules

The game’s rules are also simple. You will get five cards the first time you draw from your deck. Once again, verify that you have all the required cards in the deck before starting the game. Each turn, a card from your hand will be used. Each card also has its Health and attack power shown on the card.

Animation Throwdown Mod Apk

 The cards will battle until the opponent’s blood level drops to zero. If the initial point of your opponent drops to zero, you win, and vice versa.

User-friendly interface

Animation Throwdown Mod Apk

You are given a highly user-friendly interface for the game. You won’t need to go further to use all the functions on the game’s main screen. Thanks to the game’s intuitive design, anybody can explore all of the game’s features in only a few clicks.

Playable card game

Your favorite cartoon characters from various well-known series are featured on several cards. Use all those cards to build a strong deck and use card combinations during the fighting. Investigate the updated and improved Mom’s Mystery Box for additional surprises and incentives. 

Animation Throwdown Mod Apk

You’ll get many cards showcasing your favorite animated figures from well-known programs. Using all of those cards, build a powerful deck and use card combinations to win battles. Check out the updated Mom’s Mystery Package for more advantages and surprises.

Exciting Rewards

Animation Throwdown Mod Apk

Finding new combinations in Animation Throwdown will take longer, but they will allow you to unleash more devastating strikes. Another significant aspect is that the renowned Mom’s Mystery Box may include potent new cards. Obtain it by engaging in thrilling card fights and releasing the potential of your characters.


For all Android devices, enjoy the game’s primary and familiar visuals. The hand-drawn character cards appear to have just left the animated version. See your favorite actors portray your favorite characters from Family Guy, Bob’s Burger, King of the Hill, and other shows. Also, the high-definition graphics add to the game’s excitement.

 More than 30 islands 

The prominent feature of the game—among many others—is that it has more than 30 islands with story levels that can be conquered and where players may earn strong cards. Get it and complete your quest for a victory, but it’s only accessible in Onyx Mode. Beware of the several challenging elements included in each story level.

Premium Unlocked

You may utilize all the premium stuff for free in the animation Throwdown Mod Apk. But, because it is a modified version, your help cannot be transferred to those associated with your official version account.

Free to Play

Surprisingly, the game is still free and has many entertaining features. Because of this, players in Animation Throwdown get free access to all of the game’s materials. Even if there are still some in-app purchases and adverts, if you’re an avid gamer, your experience will remain unbroken.

Downloading Animation Throwdown Mod Apk For Andorid

  • Download this app from alltecloud.com.
  • Open the downloaded file.
  • Start Installation.
  • Wait until the installation completes.
  • Open the file and start using it.


One of the rare Android games where you can genuinely play and participate in their humorous escapades is Animation Throwdown. See the fascinating and funny world of cartoon card games. With our modifications, you’ll have limitless access to this great content.

 In Animation Throwdown, the player may develop cards by fusing two lower-level cards to make a brand-new, higher-level card. You must keep in mind that the character cards used to level up must be the same character for them to remain the same after leveling up and have more hearts. Your deck becomes more substantial and more self-assured due to the card combinations.


Q: How do you get free gems on Throwdown?

Here are several methods to obtain free gems if you’re seeking some: You may complete offers like installing and running a program in return for Gems by going to shop > free. Throwdown runs social competitions with gem rewards frequently! For chances, check out our Facebook, Twitter, and forums.

Q: What is the card limit in animation throwdown?

One hundred cards, including duplicates, can be stored in Deck + Storage. You won’t be able to purchase card packs once you reach the cap. Fusion and recycling are two methods for reducing the number of cards.

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